Turku University Hospital is a medical center of excellence which serves as the central hospital for Southwestern Finland. Having been founded in 1756, it is the second oldest hospital in the Nordic countries. There are more than 2000 parking spaces around the hospital area including parking garages as well as outdoor parking spaces. It is […]

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PORTIER Space-specific guidance system at Helsinki Airport

Helsinki airport has more than 10 000 parking spaces and they have been using FLS space-specific guidance system since 2010 when the first 1000 spaces were equipped. Since then, they have added 5000 more spaces in three different car parks. Finavia, the operator of parking at the airport, is actively using system’s audio feature either […]

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PORTIER HOST – Kalmar parking guidance system

Kalmar city in Sweden wanted to improve the parking capacity utilization and reduce unnecessary driving especially during peak traffic hours. In order to achieve this, all the parking areas were connected to Portier HOST cloud server which keeps track of the amount of free spaces in each parking area. None of the parking areas have […]

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