Helsinki Airport is the most important traffic hub for international people travelling to, from or via Finland. For a driving customer, Finavia (state-owned company operating the airport) offers several parking options at the airport including multiple indoor parking facilities as well as outdoor parking areas to choose from.

Parking space can be reserved online beforehand ensuring the wished location for your car while you are traveling. Reservations can be made up to 6 months but at least 12 hours before arriving at the airport. You can also order extra service for your car when booking the parking space, a washed car will be then waiting for you at your arrival.

When approaching the airport, big outdoor signs indicate the availability of parking spaces in different parking areas with directions to each location as well. Real-time information makes the beginning of your journey smooth and comfortable. Due to highly visible and helpful road guidance, drivers find parking space quickly.

Finavia wanted to renew all the old road signs around the airport and the refreshment project was completed by Portier. We manufactured RGB LED displays and installed all signages with new electronics and LED backlight illumination by retrofitting those to the old mechanical structures.  Each display is connected to Portier HOST platform which is integrated in the payment system used at the airport parking. Space availability shown on the displays is based on the information from the payment system software which takes into account the pre-booked spaces.

This latest work completed at Helsinki Airport is part of the larger project in which Finavia is centralising all parking guidance to Portier HOST platform and associated products and services.

Having a stress-free start for your journey begins by parking at the airport, guided by Portier.

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