Kesko Group is a Finnish listed trading sector company having approximately 1,800 stores in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Belarus. Kesko operates in the grocery, building and technical trade as well as in the car trade.

The new magnificent head office of Kesko Group is being built in beautiful Kalasatama, in the eastern side of Helsinki. The building is very futuristic and multifunctional offering a flexible working environment for people employed by the Kesko Group. Even though all solutions may seem very technological, the main focus throughout the project has been on an individual person and its wellbeing. Even visitors at the K-Kampus are guided through the building to the agreed destination with the help of state of art access control system – making the flow of people around the K-Kampus easy and enjoyable.

Our Portier parking guidance solutions were chosen to the K-Kampus parking facility. Parking guidance displays will direct arriving drivers to the parking garage and Ultrasonic RGB parking sensors will show the available parking spaces making driving around the parking area unnecessary. The choice of RGB parking sensors makes it easy to modify the LED colours in the sensors if the customer for example wants to dedicate more spaces for electric vehicles or other special user groups. Portier HOST platform combines all the installed hardware and software into a single seamless user experience. The flexibility of the system facilitates possible future changes of different technologies or functions in the Portier HOST platform.

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