Keilaniemi area in Espoo has been changing a lot recently. The real estate development includes new construction, reconstruction as well as purpose changes in some buildings. This is a huge project and it will take place in several different phases and after completion there will be office buildings, public buildings and even a hotel.

Kolmioparkki, operated by Europark, is a parking garage serving visiting as well as contract parking customers in Keilaniemenranta. The garage offers ticketless and barrierless parking. Portier HOST, our cloud-based parking guidance platform is integrated with Autopay’s payment system. Portier HOST transfers the data from Autopay’s system into Portier parking guidance displays by showing the status of the parking availability at the entrance of the garage.

The maintenance area is equipped with Portier space-specific parking sensors, which are also forwarding the status of the parking spaces via Portier HOST into the specific parking guidance display.

Well guided parking serves all different user groups taking their specific customer needs into account. Drivers find an available parking space quickly and parking operator gets all parking spaces well utilised. Portier HOST is a unique parking guidance platform combining different technologies into single seamless user experience.

Portier Making the right decisions!

Kolmioparkki entrance with Portier parking guidance displays

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