Due to open in the autumn of 2019, Mall of Tripla in Helsinki, Finland, will offer a wealth of experiences, flavours, culture and shopping to delight all visitors. It has the ideal location in a key public transport hub within the city – approximately 200 000 people pass through the hub each day. Tripla will become the largest shopping mall in Finland but at the same time it offers variety of wellness and entertainment services. Mall will have an underground parking garage containing five levels and over 2200 parking spaces that will serve mall visitors as well as hotel residents, office employees and other tenants. Entire parking garage will be equipped with Portier VISION, the most advanced camera-based guidance solution on the market. Vision offers high-quality parking experience by providing accurate information on parking space availability upon arrival and once the car is parked, driver can enjoy background music flowing through VISION’s integrated audio. When leaving, customers can utilize ‘locate my vehicle’ kiosks that will guide the user back to their vehicle in case they have forgotten it.

In addition to the space-specific cameras and the associated indoor guidance displays, solution contains also roadside signage in the surrounding road network to ensure smooth traffic in a busy area. The entire system is running on the web-based Portier HOST platform which ensures seamless user experience and the opportunity to operate the system from any Internet-connected device.

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