At Mall of Tripla, which has just opened its doors in Helsinki, Finland, you can find more than 60 cafés and restaurants, domestic and international brands as well as a full range of entertainment and wellness services. It is an unmissable meeting place, where people come to seek new experiences, have fun and spend time. With its 250 shops, Mall of Tripla is currently the biggest shopping centre in the Nordic countries.

Tripla is also a centre of logistics since 900 trains, 850 buses and 400 trams stop at Tripla each day. Visitors can also reach Mall of Tripla easily with bicycles and the mall offers parking spaces for 3,400 bicycles. For motorists, Tripla has 2,300 customer parking spaces located on five different levels and for electric cars Tripla has nearly 300 charging stations.

Portier Vision, camera-based parking solution, was installed at the Mall of Tripla enhanced with Portier’s ultrasonic sensors in places where cameras could not be used. State of the art shopping mall chose Portier to assist visitors arriving and parking at the location whether it is by bike or by car. Customers’ journey is helped already by roadside signs along several routes leading towards the mall.

In the building itself, there are nearly 100 parking guidance displays creating smooth movement of cars to available parking places by showing arrows and the amount of available spaces.

Portier Vision space specific camera units are indicating the availability of the parking space. LED stripes, on both sides of the cameras, of different colours can also show whether the space is dedicated for electric cars or for disabled parking. In addition, Portier Vision cameras recognise the licence plate of each parked car, so when returning to your vehicle, the driver can easily locate his parked car by searching it with Portier search kiosk with find my car function.

All different Portier’s parking guidance products installed in Tripla are connected to Portier HOST, our unique parking management platform which processes the data from our displays, ultrasonic sensors and cameras. One dashboard view in Portier HOST provides all necessary data and possibility of creating several reports for the parking operator.

The project was executed together with Finnpark Oy, which is the parking operator at the Mall of Tripla.

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Portier Vision space specific cameras in Mall of Tripla

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