A brand-new campus of Metropolia in Helsinki was opened in January 2019. This state-of-art campus brings together academics, innovation, research&development as well as transportation into a seamlessly functioning centre of expertise. Construction work is still ongoing and the rest of the campus will be finalized by the end of 2019.

The campus is partly built on top of the metro station which currently transports some of the 3000 students and 250 employees to and from the campus every day. After the project has been completed the total amount of daily commuting students and employees will be around 6000.

Portier HOST was chosen to be part of the transportation HUB of Myllypuro Campus. Parking garage is built under the building and consists of 200 parking spaces equipped with our space specific parking sensors connected to the Portier HOST platform. Available parking spaces are easily located by the green LEDs showing where to park preventing unnecessary driving around. Portier HOST is a unique platform which is able to integrate multiple technologies into a single seamless user experience. Furthermore, HOST can be a cloud or local deployment or any combination of those leaving the end user with the freedom to choose the most suitable approach for each case. Myllypuro Campus parking facility will be used by different user groups for employee and student parking. You can also find EV-charging possibility in the new parking garage.

Portier – Making the Right Decisions!

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