Mall of Tripla, the largest shopping mall in the Nordic countries, had huge opening ceremonies on 17th of October in Helsinki, Finland. Within one week after the doors were opened, 1 million people had already visited the mall. The new Pasila train station which is connected to Tripla will be seeing an estimated 47 million people traveling through it annually.

In order to make driving visitors’ journeys nice and comfortable, Portier Vision camera-based parking solution was installed at Mall of Tripla. Parking spaces are located in 5 different levels of which one is dedicated for residential parking only.

Parking guidance displays

Due to the innovative design of Portier Vision, the system can be commissioned without any learning period. It is essential for both the parking operator and the visitors, to have a solution which is up and running instantly. All the parking spaces are detected and licence plates read immediately after the installation maximising the pleasant customer experience at the facility.

Whilst guidance displays and camera units guide the entry, drivers can utilize Portier on-line kiosks to locate their vehicle when they return to the parking area. User can simply type in their license plate number fully or partially using the touch screen and the system will locate the vehicle and guide the user back to the vehicle. This locate my vehicle function is an excellent additional service for the mall visitors in a large parking garage.

Portier search kiosk – locate my vehicle

Arriving and leaving the mall is made easy and convenient, and such inviting and well serving parking facility ensures that customers will revisit the mall again and again.

Portier products installed at Mall of Tripla:

  • Portier Vision space specific cameras
  • Portier ultrasonic parking sensors
  • Portier parking guidance displays
  • Portier search kiosk
  • Portier HOST

The project was completed together with Finnpark Oy, which is the parking operator at Mall of Tripla.

Portier – Making the right decisions!

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