City of Espoo and its administration has a brand new office building that contains approximately 11,000 square metres of high quality office space located at Tietotie, Espoo, Finland. Their parking management solution has been designed by WSP and it has taken into account the modern trends in mobility such as shared rides, low-emission vehicles as well as electric vehicles. Such a mixed use parking requires extremely effective parking guidance solution and thus the contractor (YIT) and City of Espoo chose Portier as their platform for parking guidance.

Entire system features a mix of different technologies such as induction loops, ultrasonic sensors, dynamic guidance displays, logic-controlled traffic lights and web-based wayfinding tool. As a first-in-class delivery, all of this is integrated into the Portier HOST cloud service which means that the users can access the system from any Internet-connected device whilst they avoid the need to maintain any local server infrastructure and get the full benefits of HOST’s flexibility. Even though their parking spaces are spread across different buildings and different areas, whole solution was extremely cost-effective and fast to deploy and it offers an opportunity for further expansion when additional parking areas are taken into use.

Portier is extremely proud of being able to support City of Espoo and traffic vision of the future!

Portier – Making the Right Decisions!

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