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A brand-new local service centre Hertsi, opened its doors recently in Herttoniemi, Helsinki. Hertsi offers various services under the same roof for tens of thousands of residents as well as for transit people in Herttoniemi and the surrounding areas. In addition to everyday grocery shopping, visiting the library, training at the gym or meeting friends in cafes, all can be done in this modern local service center.

Hertsi is easy to access by car, bus or by metro. The parking garage operated by Aimo Park, serves all drivers as well as park & ride ones with its dedicated parking spaces. Portier parking guidance displays have been installed at the entrance of the building showing the amount of available parking spaces in the garage separately for visitors and for park & ride drivers. The parking system also transfers data to the HSL route planner via API-interface enabling customers checking the status of available parking spaces online. In total there are 650 parking spaces in the garage. Parking at Hertsi is convenient, ticketless and free of charge for a limited time.

Each level has also guidance displays updating the availability of free spaces in each floor. Portier Vision, space-specific cameras record the entering and exiting of the cars as well as indicate the availability of parking spaces by showing either green or red LED stripes to drivers above the driving lanes.

Calculation of available spaces is done in several ways, by Portier space-specific cameras and by induction loops in the basement level. Maintenance and loading area for incoming trucks in the garage is also equipped with space-specific guidance. Arriving delivery drivers can check the availability of the loading area from Portier Wayfinder, our internet-based application which shows the real time status of the garage for the driver with live pictures.

All the data, provided by different technologies, is gathered and connected into Portier HOST, our platform for parking management. Portier HOST gives the operator one dashboard view of the complete system with all necessary data and possibility of creating several reports as well. Aimo Park’s own system receives essential data from Portier HOST via API-interface.

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