Estonian real estate development company Pro Kapital has opened T1 Mall of Tallinn in Estonia. T1 Mall is the new gate to Estonian capital, Tallinn, and its nearly 80 000 sqm of shopping, entertainment and food areas offer a completely unique entertainment centre in Baltics.

Furthermore, roof of the T1 contains a Ferris wheel raising 120 meters above sea level – offering a completely unique experiences in whole of Europe which is increasingly important when the e-commerce is developing rapidly. This realization was the key in the concept development of T1 and the result hits the bullseye with ceilings up to seven meters high, glass-dome atriums breaking through all floors to let in the sunlight, novel sound and lighting solutions and various attractions; all of which means the visitors can thoroughly enjoy their pastime.

T1 has splendid public transport connections but it also contains more than 1500 parking spaces divided into underground garage, 6-storey parking house and outdoor parking area. Aligned with their ambitions, T1 chose Portier Vision – the most advanced camera-based guidance solution as their parking guidance system. Vision offers maximum convenience of parking and an all-inclusive parking experience: upon arrival, drivers can follow dynamic guidance displays and indicators in the Vision camera units to locate available parking spaces and when leaving, visitors can utilize search kiosks to locate their vehicle in case they have forgotten where they parked. Vision is based on Portier HOST platform which is offers an opportunity to integrate multiple technologies into single, seamless user experience. For T1 and its parking operator, Citypark Oü, it means that they can control and monitor the different parking areas equipped with cameras, loops and ultrasonic sensors. And they are able do it from any Internet-connected device.

Portier is extremely thrilled to be part of the T1 story and be able to bring its touch of luxury to the visitor experience!

Portier – Making the Right Decisions!

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