Turku University Hospital is a medical centre of excellence which serves as the central hospital for southwestern Finland. Having been founded in 1756, it is the second oldest hospital in the Nordic countries.

During the past few years University Hospital has built new buildings to support the growth of healthcare services and at the same time new parking areas have been built to support expanding traffic. University Hospital has currently two parking garages for people visiting or working at the hospital. After the third one will be opened in July, there will be approximately 2000 parking spaces around the property with all the hardware and software delivered by Portier.

The incoming and outgoing cars are being calculated by induction loops as well as space-specific park sensors. Ultrasonic park sensors also help people to find a place to park by showing either green or red LEDs to the drivers. Parking guidance displays in front of the buildings and in different levels in the parking garages indicate clearly the number of available parking spaces for the people searching for one.

Q-Park, the company operating hospital’s parking premises, chose Portier already years ago for their parking guidance solution at the hospital. Previously installed Portier products were easily connected to Portier HOST platform which now combines everything into a single seamless user experience. Different technologies, induction loop counting, ultrasonic park sensors as well as parking guidance displays are all connected into Portier HOST.

This unique cloud-based solution has a single dashboard where all the parking activities at the hospital’s parking garages can be seen and controlled. Different stakeholders can have different access rights with various views into the system. The system is extremely user friendly and can be accessed with any mobile device or PC.

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