SeiPark’s ( brand new underground parking garage at heart of beautiful Seinäjoki, Finland has been operational for a couple of months now. Overall, the public has been extremely happy with the new facility which smoothens the visits to the city center and provides a hassle-free parking experience.

The parking garage has also camera-based parking guidance system, Portier Vision, and we had an opportunity to talk with SeiPark’s Managing Director Mika Mäntykoski about their experiences with the system. “We have received a lot of positive feedback and publicity because of the Portier Vision guidance system. People have been thrilled about the opportunity to locate their vehicle and at the moment we are considering adding search kiosks for even better service to our customers”, Mr Mäntykoski comments the initial reactions and continues “Also, the opportunity to utilize the integrated audio for background music as well as the opportunity to search videos based on license-plate are definitely strong points for customer satisfaction and security. Overall, we have been happy with the performance and reliability of the system which has been running smoothly since day one”.

Portier Vision has been extremely well received on the markets and positive feedback from our customers is not only delighting but also a prime example of our brand promise: Portier – Making the Right Decisions!


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